mod em here

ugh so basically my computer just decided to destroy itself last month so i haven’t had a computer. i’m really sorry about this. as soon as i get my computer (not sure when this will happen) this blog & VOTW will be updated more frequently
but until then it’s really difficult for me to do anything for this blog
i’m horribly sorry about all this & i feel really awful for not keeping my promise.. i hope you can forgive me ;-;

psst psst

Does Mod Em have her own blog?

yes! my url is coeurvolant :) come say hello!

the dangers of having youtube rp accounts

the dangers of having youtube rp accounts

HI so this blog has been kinda dead, i was struck by the black plague & looking at computer screens made my head spin but i’m slightly better so heyyyy i’m sorry

-mod Em

mod A here 298273948 days late

submissions?? submissions would be Rad. yeah!

in desperate need of submissions! raid those youtube comments & deviantart searches!

hey blog people, new mod here. you can find out a few things about me over here in the meet the mods page. i’ll be helping to keep this blog active, so send in submissions because i have no life.


-mod k